Thoroughly precise. Thoroughly elegant. Junghans MEGA

  • Perpetual calendar, even without radio reception, until the year 2400.
  • Convenient time setting via the crown.
  • Automatic transmitter search using patented autoscan
  • Intelligent time correction: position of second hand checked 1,440 times per day.
  • Smart Hand Motion: precise second display in half-second steps.
  • Advanced Moving Function: precise advancement of minute and date
  • World’s most elegant radio-controlled watch.
  • Even without radio reception, synchronisation via the Junghans MEGA app for Android and IOS.
  • Setting of all current time zones, accurate to the second.

Purism and precision,
perfectly combined.


max bill MEGA


For the architect and designer Max Bill, precision was an indispensable element of his creations. It is therefore logical that Junghans is now also presenting the wristwatch series that he designed with highly-accurate radio-controlled technology. The minimalist design of the watches –which we have produced almost unchanged since 1961 – is also retained in the max bill MEGA. The sole discreet modification: A world map and reception display are shown on the back of the watch. Linked by radio to the most accurate timepieces in the world, the max bill MEGA always displays the right time – in its purest form.

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